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About Me

My journey with ConTact C.A.R.E. started in 2013 after being introduced to it through friends in the equine world.  I completed numerous Foundation courses (both Human and Equine) with Dale Speedy (Founder) over several years. 


In 2017, I completed the Human Practitioner training

and in 2020 I completed the Equine Practitioner training.

I am grateful to have worked with many different clients with a multitude of issues, which have had a profound affect on improving my skills and development as a practitioner.  I feel very blessed to have been part of clients' journeys and witnessing their quality of life increased through the freedom of movement and reduced pain that ConTact CARE offiers.

Sports performance is something I am extremely interested in, and love the challenge of working with

clients' injuries, as well as removing flinchlocks within their technique or when equipment is involved, to improve and enhance their ability, skill and performance through the required movement.

I come from a horsemanship background after taking on a 3yr old Off The Track Thoroughbred. 

After being out of horses for a very long time, this was most definitely a challenge.  Through learning

with two of NZ's most well respected horsemen, my horse Ace and I developed an amazing bond

and trust over the 11 years we were together, building a connection that enabled us to play at liberty

and to ride bridleless.  

My empathy and ability to read a horse's body language enhances my treatments as I am able to build trust quickly.  Even with the most skeptical and distrusting of horses.

A surprise for me, has been the way I have connected with dogs through ConTact CARE.  I have not really considered myself a dog person - usually being quite nervous of dogs I don't know.  However through my treatments, and the way dogs will just 'arrive' at my feet without invitation, I have become very comfortable around them, and have made some big changes to the comfort of many.

I am passionate about helping people and animals.  It is a privilege to do so, and I take great pleasure in seeing the improvements and benefits each client receives through my sessions.

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