Sports Performance

Having two sons who have played football from the age of five and still do now in their 20s, I have had a huge involvement with the sport.  As a coach in their younger years, and many hours on the sideline of their club and college games.

One year, having introduced the college team to my treatments, and helping with niggly injuries here and there, I asked one of the lads if he would be part of an experiment I wanted to try, to see how ConTact C.A.R.E's sensory work could help him. 

See this young man was a striker.  Super fast, could outrun and overtake most, however something would

go awry once in front of the goal, and he would miss more often than not.

He was more than interested to see if I could help him with this,

as it was starting to frustrate him.

Even I was astounded at what came out of the treatment.  During the unravel of the releasing flinchlock that caused

his body to freeze in front of goal, we uncovered the event that caused the issue.  It appeared that at some point,

he had been in a scoring position and as he was about to shoot, he was taken out from behind in a bad tackle.  So

every time he got into that same position, his flinchlock-controlled body remembered, and froze. 

Likely he held his breath, and he would miss the goal.

We worked through the senses, to determine which had been affected at the time of the hit, it was revealed to be his ears (hearing).  Probably someone shouting at him to shoot or warning him of the incoming tackle.  The unravel began, ending with him on the floor (having started the treatment standing up), where the flinchlock in his leg (from the tackle)

presented itself so it could be released.

The treatment was completed, and the next day of tournament, in the first game, he scored...twice!!  His elation was

evident (so was mine!), and his confidence soared.  He went on to score more goals that week.  He looked so different

when in that same scoring position. 


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