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Having two sons who have played football from the age of five and still do now in their 20s, I have had a huge involvement with the sport.  As a coach in their younger years, and many hours on the sideline of their club and college games.

One year, having introduced the college team to my sessions, assisting with niggly injuries as well as injuries that occur during games, I asked one of the lads if he wanted to try a ConTact C.A.R.E. session. 


This young man was a striker.  Super fast, could outrun and overtake most, however something would

go awry once in front of the goal, and he would miss more often than not.

He was more than interested in a session,  as it was starting to frustrate him.

As stated on the ConTact C.A.R.E website, "injury situation information may be stored in the bone i.e. sights, smells, colours, sounds and sensations, all held for future use about what hurts".  I suspected this was the case for this young man and his seeming inability to put the ball in the net.  Perhaps a bad tackle in the past?  We addressed his sensory shock, to free frozen body reactions.

The next day of tournament, in the first game, he scored...twice!!  His elation was evident (so was mine!), and his confidence soared.  He went on to score more goals that week.  He looked so different when in that same scoring position. 

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